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CNC Machining, that is, computer numerical control machining, is the 1 processing method that uses computer control system to control the machining process. Compared with the traditional machining method, CNC machining has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and flexibility, and is widely used in modern manufacturing. The core of CNC machining is CNC Machine Tools, which control the movement and processing of machine tools through computer numerical control programs. Traditional machining requires the operator to manually control the movement of the machine tool, while CNC machining uses computer programs to automatically control the work of the machine tool, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy of machining.

The advantages of CNC machining are mainly reflected in the following aspects: Efficiency: CNC machining uses computer programs to control the machine tool, which is more efficient than manual operation. The operator only needs to write the machining program, put the workpiece on the machine tool, start the program, and the machine tool can Automatically process according to the preset program, which greatly reduces the time and labor accuracy of manual operation: CNC machining uses computer to control the movement of the machine tool, with high accuracy and good stability, during the machining process, the machine tool can precisely control each action according to a preset program, thereby achieving high-precision machining.

In some processing industries with high precision requirements, such as aerospace, medical equipment, etc., CNC machining has become an indispensable processing method. Flexibility: CNC machining can be flexibly processed according to different needs. By modifying the processing program, workpieces of different shapes and sizes can be processed. This flexibility enables CNC machining to adapt to various complex and diverse processing needs, so as to meet different industries and Different customer needs. In addition to the above advantages, CNC machining has some other advantages. First of all, CNC machining can reduce human errors and errors. Compared with manual operation, CNC machining is controlled by computer programs, which greatly reduces the risk of human operation. Secondly, CNC machining can realize automated production.

In some mass production industries, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment, etc., CNC machining can achieve large-scale production and improve production efficiency. In addition, CNC machining can also expand the processing range. On the same machine tool, by replacing tools, fixtures, etc. Accessories can process different materials. However, the CNC machining method also has some disadvantages. First of all, CNC machining equipment is more expensive than traditional mechanical equipment. High-quality CNC machine tools and computer systems require large investments. Secondly, CNC machining requires professional operators and technical support. Compared with traditional machining, CNC machining has higher technical requirements for operators and requires special training and learning. In addition, because CNC machining depends on the computer system, once the system If it fails, it may stop working and cause production losses. Under normal circumstances, CNC machining is 1 efficient, precise and flexible processing method, it has broad application prospects in modern manufacturing industry.

Despite some shortcomings, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increasing demand for high-precision and high-efficiency processing, CNC processing will continue to grow.

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