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lathe machining is a method of machining metal or non-metal materials with a lathe. It has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and good repeatability, and is widely used in various fields of manufacturing industry.

Lathe processing includes cylindrical turning, internal circle turning, wedge turning and thread turning and other processing methods. On the lathe, the workpiece is fixed on the spindle by a fixture, and then the spindle rotates, and the tool moves axially or radially at a certain speed to cut the workpiece. By controlling the movement axis of the lathe and the feed of the tool, various shapes and sizes can be processed. Lathe processing can be divided into manual lathe and CNC lathe two types.

Manual lathe is the earliest type of lathe, the operation is relatively simple. The operator controls the cutting process by manually adjusting each axis of motion. Manual lathes are suitable for processing workpieces with simple shapes and small batches. However, its processing efficiency is low and requires higher skills for operators.

CNC lathe is a new type of lathe developed in recent years. It controls the movement axis and the feed of the tool through a computer program. CNC lathe has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high precision, which can realize the processing of complex shapes and large quantities of workpieces. CNC lathes are widely used in automotive, machinery, aerospace and other industries.

Lathe machining has many advantages. First of all, it can realize high-precision processing and can meet various precision requirements. Secondly, the lathe has high processing efficiency and can quickly complete the processing of large quantities of workpieces. Third, lathe processing has good repeatability, which can improve the consistency of product quality. In addition, lathe processing can also achieve a variety of complex shapes and internal and external circle processing requirements.

The application range of lathe processing is very wide. In the manufacturing industry, almost all metal and non-metal materials can be processed by lathes to meet the needs of different fields. In the automotive industry, lathe machining can be used for parts machining and engine parts machining. In the aerospace industry, lathe machining is used for precision machining of aerospace parts. In the machinery manufacturing industry, lathe processing can be used to manufacture various mechanical parts and tools.

In a word, lathe machining is an effective method for processing metal and non-metal materials. It has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and good repeatability, and is widely used in various fields of manufacturing industry. With the continuous development of science and technology, CNC lathes are becoming the mainstream of lathe processing, which will provide more opportunities and challenges for the development of manufacturing industry.

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